NG3 (Nasty Girls 3), with Adorable Andrea Quinteros, Luscious Linda Karlsson, and Magnificent Malin Olsson

Welcome to the Un-official NG3 Tribute Superfan Supersite, the only NG3 fansite on the web since 2014!

NG3, or Nasty Girls 3, were a Swedish (not Norwegian) pop music girl group from the turn of the century. They were variously produced and published, including by Herbie Crichlow, Ari Lehtonen (under the pseudonym Eric Le Tennen), and Ministry of Sound.

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Despite being named “nasty” girls, they were rather cute and lovely, including Magnificent Malin (Malin Olsson), Luscious Linda (Linda Karlsson), and Adorable Andrea (Andrea Quinteros)! You can admire them in the photo backdrop on the NG3Tribute.tk homepage. Sadly, Magnificent Malin later left the group, but was replaced by Daring Diana.

For a great soundtrack to listen to while you read on, just play Ooops Up (top five song of 2003!) through SoundCloud:

Brought together by Ari Lehtonen (“Eric Le Tennen”), the beautiful girls put out a single album, As Nasty As We Wanna Be, back in 2003. It featured their hit single N.G.3., also referred to as The Anthem. You can find the album on iTunes, or you can surf over to Amazon to look for a CD.

This website is a fan-made portal, created as NG3 have no Web presence anymore, indeed they do not exist as a group anymore, and there is very little to keep their memory alive on the Web. I’ll collect all pictures, videos, and other information about NG3 I can find on the Web into this single website. It will be occasionally updated as and when I find new info and the time to add it.


Here are some links related to NG3 or the girls:

  • DiscoGS profile of NG3
  • NG3 on Last.fm
  • Magnificent Malin is on Wikipedia! Apparently she’s a successful TV presenter now, and still retains her HOT good looks (that got her a Miss Sweden crown in 2001)!
  • German Wikipedia has a full page on NG3! (English translation here). Ironically, this page is superior in almost every way to the Swedish Wikipedia page on NG3. Any Swedish/German-speaking fans reading this—please fix the relevant page! Unfortunately, most of the references and links in those pages are no longer functional. This was the main motivation for me for starting this site. Sweet NG3 can’t just disappear from the Web!
  • NG3 are on Myspace. Woohoo! Pity there’re only three songs there (all singles), but they’re really good songs—I’m listening to Ooops Up (a remix of the classic Snap! song by DJ Tomekk, featuring NG3’s talents) as I type this! This is perhaps the easiest way to listen to their songs online. Guess I now have something to be thankful to Justin Timberlake for—he keeps Myspace running!
  • Here are some of the historical links (for old times’ sake), they can’t all be expected to work perfectly:
    • http://www.ng3.net was probably NG3’s main website in their heyday. It was on line (without updates😞) till about 2012, then started redirecting to Universal Music UK. You can find an old copy on the Web Archive.
    • http://www.ng3online.tk was also a website I came across years ago. It is non-functional now, and doesn’t even have a copy archived at the Web Archive. Too bad. This was the NG3 fansite back in the day, with semi-official recognition, until it faced technical difficulties, and simply never came back. It had a wealth of information and pictures. If I can salvage any of its contents from the Web Archive, I’ll incorporate them here. Cheers to Yhanncarlos and Chris, its webmasters!
    • http://www.ng3world.com, again archived at the Web Archive.

Thank you for visiting! If you have any more information about NG3 for possible inclusion, or suggestions regarding this website, or just want to show some appreciation, you can reach me at ng3superfan@ng3tribute.tk. Be sure to include “NG3” in the subject line! Or, you can simply leave a comment below!

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